Tango wishlist

What my collections is lacking badly:

  • Anything OTV(esp. 1935+), D’Agostino
  • Canaro(anything, preferably tangos and valses)
  • Di Sarli in pristine quality(24bit flac/wav)
  • Professionally restored D’Arienzo releases (without too many clicks and the like, but instruments should still sound proper and ‘warm’)
  • Good De Caro releases

Specific albums:

  • OTV Vol. 20 from C.T.A (tango.info)
  • Homenaje Al Maestro Freddy Scorticati – Orquesta Típica Victor Ex. 5 by A.M.P
  • Serie para baile Vol. 1-3 (Todo vals, Todo milonga) from C.T.A
  • Best of Tango Argentino Milonga Vol.3 | milonga que peina canas
  • Tango negro (Candombes y Rumbas Argentinas) (DyM compilation)
  • A Bailar(Troilo compilation titled ‘Toda la magia del Tango Argentino’)
  • Siglo del Tango Argentino (Japanese CD Box 10+1 CDs)
  • TANGO, TANGO - The Best Tango Singers and Orchestras in Original Historic Recordings (1920-1940)/
    Original title: ‘Der Argentinische Tango - Die besten Tangosänger-[sic] und Orchester in historischen Originalaufnahmen aus den Jahren 1920 - 1940’
    (Listened to this on Narxos Music Library, incredible quality, great selection! Streaming is limited to 128k AAC files as it seems, but doesn’t sound sterile. Available only from JPK, an obscure small German label)
  • Florindo Sassone & Sus Cantores (Archivo RCA) 1947 - 1956
  • Julio De Caro: “Saca Chispas” 1935 - 1945
  • Valsecitos Famosos by Felipe Antonio
  • Cuartito Azul(1938-1941) by Francisco Canaro
  • Campeonato Munidal De Baile De Tango - Tangos y Milongas
  • Rodriguez: Los Reyes del Fox, Recordando los Exitos de …, Falsa moneda
  • Tango - An Anthologysic
  • Florindo Sassone y su gran orquesta: ‘Tangos De Oro’ done as cd
  • El Tango pasion y emocion(10CD set) (tango.info page) done as cd
  • Poema(the 1935 album) by Francisco Canaro done

Specific tracks:

  • Rodriguez: Cebando mate con Cruz Montenegro in a clean version. Should be on ‘Exitos Al Estilo Enrique Rodriguez’ from Odeon or better yet from Club de Tango(Rodriguez Vol. 17)
  • De Angelis: Imaginacíon (i. a. on Sus Primeros Instrumentales)
  • Canaro: Bajo de cielo azul (on ‘Desde el alma from Reliquias’; not from his Quinteto or the version on DyM ‘Tango Classics 234’) done in flac
  • Canaro: Que la importa al Mundo, Yo no se porque quiero, El Rey de Bosque

I’m dying for anything from Japanese labels, esp. Club de Tango Argentino, A.M.P and Audio Park

Anything from these is nice to have:

  • Danza y Movimento, Harlequin, Sondor, Harmonia Mundi
  • Releases under the label ‘From Argentina to the World’

(El Bandoneon or Lantower releases only if there are no alternatives…)

I am always open to listening to little-known orchestras, as well as contemporary releases.

Apart from tango, vals criollo and milonga, there’s very little in my collection, so I am looking for more candombe, foxtrot, chacarera, zamba, and also some good Argentine folk and rock.

Polish Tango(think Stefan Witas) is welcome as well.